Our approach to consulting

Our approach is hands-on collaboration. We help you in making key people-related decisions that guarantee you have excellent organisational planning aligned with your business strategy – right people in the right place doing right things.

We identify main issues for human capital – what kind of corporate architecture you need, whether you need to invest in people or you need to buy the skills. We conduct analysis to ensure that you provide an environment that brings the best out of your employees, and that they work at their full capacity.

We manage change in your Human Resources Management, e.g. introducing flexible labour where relevant to face changing economic conditions, improve productivity while reducing overhead costs.

We design, conduct and analyse surveys on your behalf that enable you to understand and respond to the work environment inside and outside your firm. We study employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing to identify areas for improvement and provide practical recommendations. We design Exit Interviews for your company, conduct turnover analysis and help you with our recommendations to retain your employees. Talk to us to find out more.

Adelante is a Spanish word and means "go ahead"